Thank you for looking after me so brilliantly. I was very touched by all your immense kindness and I was also delighted to find, in you and in your family, kindred spirits.

You were also too kind in what you wrote to Martin about me!

The feed back was, I believe, the one I sent to Responsible Travel, who first put me in touch with Martin. I have yet to send him the low down on my time in Bhutan. I shall copy you in to it!

Thank you for sending me the ppt on Conservation and Education have been downloaded, read and stored pending the opportune moments for introducing them to wider audiences. It goes without saying that I will always promote you, your travel firm and all the other excellent works you undertake.

The camera trap photographs are brilliant. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send them on to me.

I am attaching a few photographs of what happens here. The woods above me contain wild daffodils and bluebells which should all be in flower in April. Also a couple of photos of barn owls. One taken inside one of my boxes (remote camera) and the other when the owlets were being checked out and ringed a couple of years ago. I try my best for conservation.

I shall continue sending the photos of my trip. Please feel free to use any material, both photographic or written, that I send you.

All my very best wishes,