Tiger Tour in Bhutan

We are specialists in tailoring wildlife watching and especially big cat safari in Bhutan. We are also able to arrange tiger safaris throughout the tigers current range; and ever since the amazing BBC documentary series ‘Lost Land of the Tiger’ which aired in 2010 we have been looking for a way to emulate their expedition and set up a mammal watching tour of Bhutan’s wilderness. After carefully selecting local guides to help us on this quest we have developed a couple of different programmes to explore the pristine forests of Bhutan. But being here in one of the best wildlife watching locations in the world we will not just be searching out tigers but we would also be looking for other elusive mammals in these areas. From Asiatic elephants, leopards, jungle cats, Asiatic golden cat, leopard cat, dhole, Asiatic black bears musk deer, goral, golden langur and takin. We aim to showcase the tiger’s ecosystem in full whenever and wherever you join us for a tiger safari. So if you have ever wanted to join a real expedition feel tour and track tigers through the forests and hillsides and spend the evenings and nights spotlighting for rare mammals.

Why Choose this Tour:

• We are the first tour operator to offer a specific mammal watching vacation into Bhutan with the aim of finding tigers and other elusive mammals.
• We are also the first people to offer nocturnal spotlighting after dark to try and see what animals are around when the sun goes down. This is very exciting as tigers and other predators are far more active at night.
• We can also bring thermal imaging and night vision equipment (on request) to also aid in finding the tigers after dark.
• We use camera traps (where available) which will increase the chances of getting close up pictures and movies of tigers and other rare nocturnal wildlife.
• In the Bhutanese forests and hillsides we offer the chance of tracking tigers on foot, this is an exhilarating experience and one that you will never ever forget.
• Possibly join the Bhutanese wildlife department in their camera trap studies of Manas National Park and be one of the few outsiders to experience the ground breaking conservation work being conducted here.
• By joining one of our tiger safaris you will have an overall wildlife experience as we are determined to showcase the other interesting wildlife of the areas we visit.
• We have explored all the areas we visit in depth and have found the best and most conveniently located locations for searching out tigers in isolated and remote places. We will also try and meet up with current researchers as they conduct their work studying the tigers and other wildlife.

• We have an unrivalled network of experts and guides throughout the tiger’s range that are able to find and observe other animals as well as tigers like Indian leopards, Asiatic elephants, water buffalo, Asiatic black bears, Asiatic golden cats, jungle cats, dhole, gaur, leopard cats, civets, goral, serow, takins and hundred of other endangered, rare or endemic species throughout Bhutan. Whether it is the forests either side of the Mo Chhu River, the grasslands of Manas near the Indian border or the highlands of Gasa/Laya on the way to Tiger Mountain and many other wildlife watching locations you want to visit we can arrange it. Please inform us if you wish to receive more information about any of these locations and booking a tiger safari.
• Unlike many tour operators we are willing to run this tour for a single person (on request).


Here tiger safaris are in their infancy and you can be among some of the first people in the world to try and spot a wild tiger in the forests of Bhutan; you can follow in the footsteps of the BBC Natural History Unit film crew from the epic Lost Land of the Tiger. We recommend spending time around the dense wilderness forests of the Mo Chhu River but of course we can head up into the hills and mountains if you wish.

Fitness Level:

The fitness level required for our Bhutan tiger safaris is quite high, we will be tracking tigers and trekking in dense forests for around 7-8 hours and the temperatures can be hot and humid. If you head into the mountains then attitude also plays a role. So some experience of walking at altitude as we will be visiting very remote places and altitude affects everyone differently.

Day-by-day itinerary